1. This will probably be me.

  2. The Norah Bitchface. 

    For bekahthegymfan

  3. Youtube is trying to suggest videos to me.  One of these things does not belong…


  4. mybffnastiaaaa:


    Remember back in 5th grade, when everyone vowed not to ever do drugs

    I wish I could find my DARE workbook because on all of the little cartoon pics when they’re offering drugs I whited out the drugs and drew little bottles of Grey Poupon and made the speech bubbles say things…

    I got to sing the litttle DARE solo for my class.  ONE VOICE, just singing in the DARKNESS… 

  5. chalkitupgymblog:


    Baby Bailie

    WHAT omg i am dying

    Is that the 2004 team leo?

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  6. layout-stepout:

    March 10:

    Happy birthday, Shannon Miller!

    USA (Dynamo)

    Olympic two-time gold, two-time silver and three-time bronze medalist; World five-time gold, three-time silver and bronze medalist; Pan-Am four-time gold and silver medalist; American Cup Champion

    Why is there a random picture of Moceanu?

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  7. jordynslefteyebrow:

    So right after worlds in 2011 i made a “movie preview’ for the 2012 olympics. This was before Gabby had became a stand out AA gymnast so I’m sorry for no dougie :(


    Reminds me of one I made long ago.  Remember when Kayla Williams was a thing?  LOL.

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  8. tsarinamustafina:

    Description of Aliya from: Which gymnast am I?

    OMG whoever wrote this must be a poet. 


  9. nastiafan101:


    Katherine Grable’s opening pass.

  10. Flash poll: is she referring to Fong, or Martha?  Discuss.